Take Advantage Of Your Leftovers – Cajun Addition!

With summer coming to an end and school getting ready to start, prepare a delicious Cajun lunch for you and your kids with leftovers from dinner! There are so many creative ways to take a classic Cajun dish and twist it to spice up your lunch the next day. Here are just a few examples of how to enjoy your Cajun dishes for days!


Cajun-Mexican Salad


Monday night is a classic for red beans and rice (and the special in our class!), and it is easy to make way too much for dinner. Save your leftovers and use them Tuesday afternoon to make a Mexican inspired salad! Use the red beans and rice to top on lettuce as a healthy lunch option filled with protein to keep you going all day long.


Cajun Tomato Pasta


It is a well-known secret that Italian meat sauce tastes even better the day after. Make a little extra next time you treat your family to pasta, and save the leftovers for the next day! Use tomato pasta for a healthier version with less fats and calories. Simply spice up your meat sauce (or plain tomato sauce) with a little hot sauce and Cajun seasoning to put a Cajun spin on it. Add vitamins in minerals by adding extra onions and peppers. Heat it up before lunchtime over whole-wheat pasta or use it as chili or to dip your grilled cheese in! Promise it may taste twice as good as the night before!


Lunch Topped With Etouffee


Crawfish or shrimp etouffee are both Cajun dinner favorites. But don’t forget about their versatility for leftovers, they can make lunch even more delicious. You don’t even need a full dish to compliment your lunch. Prepare cooked pasta, fish or chicken, top with the leftover etouffee, and enjoy – it will have the whole office smelling like a Cajun restaurant! You can also use the ettouffee as sauce for breakfast dishes such as the “hollandaise” in eggs benedict or place is over biscuits for a new twist on biscuits and gravy.


There are many ways you can enjoy your classic Cajun dishes for days to come. If you want to learn how to make these dishes like a true Cajun chef, come check out one of our cooking classes http://www.crescentcitycooks.com/classes.asp or just stop by our shop to pick up all your Cajun cooking essentials for dinner tonight!


Creole Red Beans on Mondays!

You can ask Creoles, if it’s Monday, more than likely it’s red beans and rice for dinner. It’s a tradition to make a slow simmering pot of red beans on Mondays and here’s a little background to tell you why!

White sugar planters that fled from Haiti after the slave revolution many years ago in the early 1900’s, brought the kidney bean or red bean to New Orleans. Red beans and rice is a traditional dish of Louisiana Creole cuisine. Originally red beans and rice were made only on Mondays because of washdays. New Orleans women would be out hand-washing the laundry, while the red beans slowly cooked on the stove. While Monday washdays are largely a thing of the past, Red Beans remains a traditional dish in households as well as many restaurants on Mondays.

The Red Beans otherwise known as kidney beans are soaked overnight before cooking. After soaking the beans you discard the old water and replace it with new water for your pot. Add finely diced or pureed holy trinity (green bell peppers, white onions, celery) plus green onions, parsley and garlic. We refer to the six vegetables as the “Holier than Thou Trinity.” Then you add Creole spices and hot sauce. In the past, leftover pork bones were added to the pot from Sunday’s dinner. It is an old custom that still resonates today, Sunday pork dinner and Red Beans Monday.

Let us know if you like Red Beans! And don’t forget it is always better on Mondays!