Benefits of Cooking Classes: Beyond the Kitchen

Cooking offers a connection to those around us.

The ability to serve up a tasty treat in the kitchen can not only put your grumbling stomach at ease, but also your mind. Cooking involves experimentation, risk and great reward. The delicious meal created in the end is only the icing on the cake (figuratively and possibly literally.) The creative process involved with cooking can also improve your mental health. Recent psychological studies show that cooking may lead to an increase in feelings of happiness and well-being.

All senses – smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound – are put to full use during the act of cooking. The journey can be just as rewarding as the destination. Sizzling garlic, chopping onions, or breaking apart basil leaves can refresh and rejuvenate the senses. Not only are the senses sweetly satisfied, but the variety of possible dishes opens a world of creativity to the chef. If the creativity pays off in a succulent dish, not only are the taste buds given a boost, but also the chef’s confidence in his/her cooking skills.

Looking to add a new flavor to expand the creativity of your dishes? Learning how to cook New Orleans-style at Crescent City Cooks will easily add a few more dishes to your repertoire. It’s hard not to fall in love with the flavoring and spices that accompany those oh-so-delicious Creole dishes. They’re easy to learn and the tastes are impossible to forget.

So if you’re getting sick of the ol’ Lasagna Thursdays, come by to our Thursday class to master chicken & Andouille Gumbo, jambalaya, Bananas Foster, and pralines. Give your senses the night-out they deserve. We’re sure they’ll appreciate it, and your friends and family too!


One thought on “Benefits of Cooking Classes: Beyond the Kitchen

  1. One of the best things my husband and I ever did was take a cooking class at CCC. It was great to find out how easy it was to put some of these dishes together, and to realize that the food isn’t necessarily spicy…just incredibly flavorful. Whenever we visit NOLA, if we happen to be meeting friends there, we suggest the cooking class, and they gave very positive feedback…even our friend who was born near Baton Rouge, and whose mama made all these dishes for him when he was growing up. I recommend the class to anyone visiting NOLA, whether you love to cook or just love to eat!

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